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Solar Garden to Be Installed at Zavoral Mine near Minneapolis

Solar Garden to Be Installed at Zavoral Mine near Minneapolis
September 21
15:13 2016

Another mine reclamation project involving renewables has received approval — a 3MW solar garden will be installed by Geronimo Energy near St. Croix River in Minnesota, US. The Zavoral gravel mine was operated by Tiller Corp.

The project received the go-ahead from the Scandia City Council and now needs to get an approval from the Xcel Energy, electricity and gas provider, StarTribune reported quoting a city planner.

Back in 2013 Scandia City Council agreed to reopen the Zavoral Mine, which was a controversial decision that triggered a strong public outcry over the mine’s noise, heavy truck traffic and possible Indian burial grounds. 

Tiller received permits to mine sand and gravel for up to 40 months out of the mine that is located near the intersection of Highways 97 and 95.

Mine reclamation was part of the deal that the City Council approved.

“One of the keys in the development agreement will be the handoff of reclamation responsibilities from Tiller to Geronimo,” StarTribune quoted Scandia’s city administrator, Neil Soltis, as saying.

Geronimo’s $3.1 million solar garden will be installed at the bottom of the mine pit, hiding it from plain view. It will consist of a centralized shared solar array that will be connected to the energy grid. Construction could begin as early as 2017.

Various solutions of repurposing mine sites with renewable energy options have been booming in popularity in recent years. Such projects offer great financial opportunities to the mining companies as well as alternative energy providers.

Energy and Mines is organizing a panel discussion on ‘Repurposing Mine Lands with Renewables – A Growing Market Opportunity’ at the Energy and Mines World Congress in Toronto this November 21-22.

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