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Miners v. renewables in Australia

Miners v. renewables in Australia
March 09
09:44 2017

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The Minerals Council of Australia’s submission to scientist Alan Finkel’s review of the electricity market’s future security pans his preliminary report, charging it fails to reflect the true cost of an emissions-based approach, omits advanced coal technologies, and favors renewable energy sources, rather than remaining technology-neutral.

It claims that review appears to be “structured … primarily on the integration of renewables as an end itself.”

Australia’s government should eliminate the ban on nuclear power, and allow the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to fund carbon capture and storage for coal-based generation, the Council says. While it asserts that replacing Australia’s existing coal plants with advanced ultra-supercritical technology would cut emissions up to 34 per cent, current regulations also limit CEFC funding to projects that slash emissions by a minimum of 50 per cent.

The review, along with the Council’s submission, were sparked by recent power outages that temporarily crippled South Australia’s mining sector.

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