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Renewables for Australian Mines: Market Overview and Next Steps

Renewables for Australian Mines: Market Overview and Next Steps
May 01
15:10 2017

“Every business that runs on vast amounts of energy will have to look in to solar”.

Powering the mining sector in Australia is at a watershed. The sector understands a business as usual approach to powering operations will result in spiralling costs. While the falling costs of renewables makes alternative energy solutions an interesting option, the natural caution of the mining sector has been a barrier to the uptake of new energy solutions. However, with new renewables in mining projects up-and-running with major mining firms and a growing national discussion on renewable power, sector experts believe the switch to renewables in mining is inevitable.

In a review article based on interviews with mining and renewables experts in Australia we present an overview of the drivers and barriers to the further deployment of renewables in the mining sector in Australia.

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