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Addressing Energy Challenges for Grid Tied Mines

Addressing Energy Challenges for Grid Tied Mines
September 11
15:52 2017

From the Energy and Mines Australia Summit in June 2017, this video comprises a excellent discussion session featuring representatives from Shell, BHP, South32, Sun Metals and Oz Minerals on the challenges of energy security and cost for grid-tied mines. Louis Kent of Energetics is the excellent chair. The session covers the following issues:

  • How are the energy strategies of grid-connected operations changing as a result of recent power reliability and cost challenges?
  • What solutions are mines exploring for addressing power disruptions and high electricity costs for new and operating mines and large-industrial users?
  • Renewables as an offset strategy for carbon emissions – is there a role for alternative energy in meeting broader climate targets?
  • Views on the advantages and business cases of behind-the-meter renewables vs. buying alternative energy through the grid
  • What are the main inhibitors for investing in alternative power to address energy concerns?
  • What role do energy and carbon management experts see for renewables solutions in controlling power costs and supply?

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