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Deloitte: Miners could slash energy bills by 50% with renewable energy

Deloitte: Miners could slash energy bills by 50% with renewable energy
December 13
11:40 2017

Mining firms could halve energy costs by adopting effective energy management programs, according to a new report from Deloitte. The report details how renewable energy projects can give operators a competitive advantage while also demonstrating commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our analysis shows that having an effective energy management program in place, and with renewables a major component of this, miners can substantially reduce their energy costs by up to 25% in existing operations and 50% in new mines,” Deloitte Consulting Mining Leader David Cormack related. “With renewable energy fast becoming a mainstream energy source, mining companies have a material opportunity to use renewables to lower costs, improve safety, reliability, and sustainability, and mitigate risks to ultimately gain a competitive advantage.”

Including renewables in the planning, design, and building phases for new mines will yield greater benefits. “With the traditional barriers of cost and reliability diminishing, renewables have reached a position where they really have to be in the consideration set, at the very least for new mines,” Cormack says.

Even so, maximizing ROI will take more than just installing a solar array or wind turbines. Rethinking operational processes is key, according to Cormack. Renewables developers can help with this process.

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