Pre-Summit Workshop: An introduction to mining for renewables professionals

The aim of this workshop is to provide Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the mining industry. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the operational practices pivotal to the mining industry, be able to interpret essential terminology and feel more comfortable interacting with core mining staff by having a clearer understanding of the key concepts involved in mining.

This workshop aims to enhance an understanding of the business of mining for renewable energy professionals. The agenda has been developed by Energy and Mines and and is presented by Arnoldus Mateo van den Hurk Mir, Ph. D., CEO,

Workshop feedback from previous attendees:

“I found Arnold’s workshop to be the highlight of the conference. For those new to the mining sector, it will lodge you to get the most out of the conference. And for mining veterans, it helps provide perspective and clarity on corporate priorities in the industry.” – Panasonic

“What you presented was a very sophisticated yet practical review of the mining industry.” – Barrick Gold

Workshop Agenda

June 30th – Hilton, Sandton

09.00 – 10.40 Mining introduction and planning

  • Mine lifecycle
  • From exploration to exploitation
  • Extraction and comminution
  • Concentration, smelting and refinery
  • Commodities transport and mining ports


11.00 – 12.30 Mine economics and company Structure

  • Minerals and metals economics
  • Commodity markets, drivers and trading
  • Metals valuation and stock markets
  • Mines: organization, job roles and profiles
  • Top mining companies and mines


13.00 – 14.40 Energy uses in mining

  • Open pit mining energy use
  • Underground mining energy use
  • Energy use in beneficiation and metallurgy
  • Mining energy use due to water demand
  • Energy use in ancillary mining tasks


15.00 – 16.30 Mining, environment and CSR

  • Mining environmental impacts
  • Mine closure and reclamation
  • Renewables and CSR
  • Final summary and summit recommendations

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the significance of energy in the mining industry
  2. Understand frequently used terminology
  3. Describe the use of energy in open pit and underground mining methods
  4. Understand the principles of mine design, planning and optimization
  5. The impact of energy on rehabilitation and environmental considerations
  6. Understand the production chain from mining from processing to extractive metallurgy
  7. Describe the logistics and marketing behind key commodities

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